How To Build A Great Blog


If you’re into building an online business and you’re looking for ways to market that business effectively, I suggest that you consider setting up your own blog. Now I’ve posted about this several times, over the last couple of months, in an attempt to convey the importance of building your own blog for the express purpose of building your presence online.

Your Internet presence, through your blog, will help people to trust you, which in turn will lead to greater sales. The article below has some great pointers on how to create a great blog. So put your feet up and enjoy the read.

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How To Build A Great Blog

By Sandra T Turner

The most important part of your body could be the heart. Well actually, if you don’t have a brain, you would not function. On the other hand, if you don’t have blood you could not live. Of course you need veins to move the blood. Bones keep you standing and you need skin to hold it all together. So which is the most important body part? Can the hand say, “I don’t need the foot?”

What is the most important aspect of building a blog? If you have good content, but no site, what good is content? If you have a good site and great content but no visitors, why waste your time on content?

Everything we do to build a great blog is important. I like to think of it as a good chain. Each link has an important purpose. If one link is broken, then the whole chain suffers.

How many times have you read, “Content is King”? Well, content alone will not make a great blog, but it can be a major important link in the chain.

Be creative, use your own unique style and create content that teaches people something. Make sure your visitors can’t get your style anywhere else. Feed them reasons to return. Create a stash of awesome articles, optimize them for the search engines and keep them in reserve so you can continually add new content. Write every post with the idea that this could lose or bring in new visitors. Every post is important.

Remember to use other media and pictures. Text alone is boring.

Be personable, like writing a letter to a friend. Show your personality in your writing, and don’t forget to add an ‘about’ tab and introduce yourself. Believe it or not, content pulls customers better than good SEO.

Make sure that you have a goal in mind when you write content for your blog. If your goal is to sell a particular product, write a fabulous article about what your product can do. Then don’t forget to mention that you found a great tool to help with that.

Design is like a red link in a silver chain. It stands out and it attracts the attention. Though its value in strength is equal to other links, your blog needs to look awesome. It’s the first thing people notice when they click into your site, and if it isn’t good, they will click out. It’s as simple as that.

Be organized! Make sure everything is filed away neatly and make access to everything in your blog easy for your visitor to find. If you have a weak link and the customer gets lost, you may lose them.

Search Engine Optimization is important but it is just another link. Do your best with SEO, then set it aside and do all you can to pull your own visitors to your site.

Never underestimate the power of social media. Make sure you add widgets for all the popular social networking sites.

Socialize your blog. Link to other blogs and invite others to link to yours.

Be professional, yet personable too. Always be courteous and avoid derogatory language. Don’t be condescending to your visitors. Unkindness in any form is a very bad link.

Have you ever heard, “Patience is a virtue”? Well it is. Be patient. It takes time to build a blog. Start with your best, but continue to learn. The Internet is full of information on how to create a great blog. You will eventually be able to refine all the links in your chain with time as you gain more experience. Good luck!

Sandra Turner writes articles for Gecko Software’s affiliate program. Gecko Software has an outstanding affiliate program.

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I just got through watching several pieces of tsunami film footage, and to honest I felt saddened at the loss of life on these dreadful days. Here is a the video that prompted this post.

I want you to notice first up that this is live at the moment of broadcast, but I also want you to notice how the presenter does not seem to understand the magnitude of the disaster that’s about to strike Japan.  Now I’m not about to post a gripe about this television presenter, in fact I think she did a great job under the extraordinary circumstances of that particular day.

However, what was to transpire that day nobody could predict. The carnage, as we all  know, was beyond comprehension. This video actually shows the very beginning of the nuclear disaster that was about to hit Japan.

March 11, 2011 marked the beginning of a disaster that would arguably rival the nuclear disasters of Nagasaki and Hiroshima. Who was to know that a nuclear plant was going to shut down and pump out radiation to those who dwelt nearby? Who was to know the carnage that would be left behind from the invading flood?

Anyway, back to what prompted this post. It was the way the first presenters, in the video, began to cover the footage that was unfolding before their and our eyes. It was as if it was just another day for them.

For example, when the presenter of the video footage began to talk about the impending tsunami she also presented the latest trading stock valuations. Wow! a tsunami, which she had privy to from the air, is about hit Japan and she manages to insert stock talk!

What’s my point? Man, it’s simple. I love capitalism, but not at the expense of other peoples lives. Building an Internet business, whether in the form of network marketing, or direct Internet selling must always be governed by the bigger picture.

What do I mean the bigger picture?

Simply this. If you’re in business, whether that be network marketing, affiliate marketing, or direct sales through the Internet, you need to have the bigger picture in mind.

In other words, why are you doing business? Is it just because you want financial freedom? (Nothing wrong with that). Or do you genuinely want to help people to achieve their financial dreams. You see, not everybody wants to be rich. There are some who just want to have enough to sustain them while they do volunteer humanitarian work.

Nothing wrong with making wads of money, but it’s always helping others that brings true satisfaction in life. For example, I give around 10% of my income to certain church and charitable organizations to aid the poor. Now there is nothing, in my opinion, that compares to giving to the poor.

Sure it’s a deeply personal thing as to where one distributes their profits, but if those profits are directed toward helping those in desperate need, oh how beautiful is the feeling.

You see, not everyone “gets” capitalism, therefore, the poor will always be with us. The question is then, are we going to do our bit to help those in need?

Now here’s the thing. There is a spiritual law set in place which dictates that he/she who gives generously will receive much more in return. Why? so you can give even more! If you’re open to this kind of thinking and put into practice this “giving principle,” your business will prosper like never before.

This tsunami video is a little distressing for sure, but I think it serves well to drive home the point that there is always a bigger picture when it comes to making wads of money. So then, be a giver, give from your heart and watch your business prosper like never before.

Paul Beamon

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Who is a 98 Percenter? (work from home)


Chances are it’s you…that’s right you. If you’ve tried to make money online and failed, you’re not alone. Statistically, only 2% of online marketers succeed and the rest? well they fail plain and simple. Now some marketers who are out there selling their “amazing new money making” programs and eBooks don’t want you to know what I’ve just told you.

Why? well if they told you this truth then you probably would not buy their stuff. So how do you become one of the 2% of people who make a good deal of money working from home?

First up you can set yourself a 2 to 5 year plan for achieving financial independence. Now there is nothing wrong this approach if you can stick it out. Truth is many don’t go the distance and either leave the work from home industry altogether, or they hop around from program to program trying to find the next best thing in working from home.

In one of my programs (I have several) I’ve taken to the 2 to 5 year plan which is working out well. So far it’s been 18 months with this program and I’m building a very good part time income. If I were only relying on the one program I could probably retire from my day job within the next 18 months.

Now I’ve worked really hard to get this far and I’ve stuck with the program. Had I left the program to join another I’m certain I would not be enjoying the income that I’m now receiving. So then, the 2 to 5 year plan will work so long as you stick with it, I’m living proof of this.

Now there is another option whereby you can be a complete newbie (a 98Percenter) and begin to see earnings in a far shorter period of time. This is possible only through the correct work from home program choice, and the right marketing training.

The 2 to 5 year plan can be realistically shortened to 2 to 5 months if you know what you’re doing. Utilizing the right kind of work from home program and the right marketing is vital to get this plan to work. For example, 2 months ago I signed up to a work from home program, that caters to the 98 percenters, with some extraordinary results. What I found is that I earned more in my first 2 months, with this program, than I did in my first 12 months in the above program.

Now I have not yet left my day job, however, if things keep going as they are I predict that I’ll be in a position to retire by the end of the year. For your interest here is a link to the program which is increasing my overall earnings fast. Remember, this program is designed with the newbie in mind.

From my research there are very few programs online today that really cater to the newbie and that will get you earning fast. So does it take an investment of my money Paul? Initially no. However, it is a business and should be treated as such, therefore investing some finance will be required to speed up your profits. What I’ve found is that for every dollar that I invest into this business I receive 3 times as much back, usually within 90 days.

Do I need to recruit to make money Paul? This is not required. You do however, have an option to recruit if this is how you want to build your business. Some people choose this option because they like working with people. I choose to recruit because I like the financial and marketing leverage that I can build through having marketing teams working with me.

Okay, the second thing you need is expert niche training. With this kind of training you’ll learn how to market online correctly. There is far to much crappy information online today, and quite frankly it annoys me greatly because it gives our industry a bad name.

There are 2 sites that I highly recommend for expert marketing training. First up there is Empower Network. David Wood and David Sharpe are the brains behind this training, and they are more than willing to share all their marketing secrets with you. Trust me when I say this, their marketing training is second to none. My online profits soon began to increase once I implemented what they were teaching me. Does it cost Paul? Yes it does. Personally I don’t mind paying for this kind of training because I make way more money then I pay out in training fees.

Secondly there is MLSP which is a site that has geared its training more towards people who are already in business and desire to increase their marketing effectiveness. If this describes you then I encourage you to check them out. Are these your affiliate links Paul? Yes they are. This is how I get paid for all the work I put into posting on this blog. A fair trade don’t you think?

So then, if you think that you fit into the 98 percenter work from home group, consider that you can either work the 2 to 5 year plan to grow into the 2%, or start making money utilizing a program that will shorten this plan down to around 2 to 5 months.

Either way, if you are determined to work and stick with it, you will make a god deal of money from a work from home business.

Paul Beamon

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I just got through listening to one of the biggest (arguably) bands of all time on YouTube and thoroughly enjoyed it. Man this band has been around for several decades now and they still get an unprecedented amount of new fans willing to travel to any country to see their rock idols. Not to mention all the album sales that keep flooding in 24/7.

On 19 February 1980 AC/DC fans were greeted with the news that BON Scott, (lead singer) had died. This news shocked us all to the core, and left us wondering if AC/DC would go on. Within 12 months AC/DC released their new album, “Back In Black” with new front man Brian Johnson.

Well, the rest is history and AC/DC has become a branded name in many households around the world. So what does this have to do with network marketing? Quite a lot actually.

To start with  AC/DC  is a phenomenal marketing machine based around “branding.” Who, for example, does not think of the skinny lead guitarist bouncing around the stage dressed in a school uniform every time one of their songs is played on the radio? Angus Young has been wearing that uniform since AC/DC first got together several decades ago.

When I saw my first AC/DC video clip I thought Angus looked a little weird  in that school uniform but it didn’t take long before I began to expect to see him dressed in it every time a video was played. Their clever branding was beginning to have an effect on me because I began to see him as really cool and unique guitarist. This was visual branding coupled together with great rock riffs at its best. I was hooked and the band became one of my favorites for some time.

Just like AC/DC, network marketers need to develop their own personal brand to attract future network marketers into their team. This branding, however, revolves around “training.” That’s right training. Branding yourself as a sponsor who can offer value in the form of useful training will result in attracting people to you.

The responsibility, therefore, rests in your hands to get yourself fully trained up in the world of network marketing. Then and only then will you be able build you own brand.

So what kind of brand do I build Paul? Well, if you’re going to build a “work from home business” within the context of network marketing, you’ll need to brand yourself as a sponsor who can deliver “quality training” to your down-line.

Your down-line needs to know that you’ll be there for them and that you can get them trained up and on their way to creating their own success story. Don’t worry to much if you’re new to the industry and feel that you don’t have the experience to train anyone yet. You see, the beautiful thing about network marketing is that you’ll have a sponsor and an up-line team who you can get answers from. Also, you’ll be able refer anyone from your team whom you feel you can’t help yet.

As you gain some experience and continue to study network marketing,  you’ll grow into a leader and develop your own brand. So then, see to it that you get busy branding yourself. You’ll be thankful you did.

Paul Beamon

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Grow into Network Marketing Success


You may or may not have heard that growing as person is a requirement for achieving network marketing success. A requirement? really Paul? Yep, if you’re looking at getting into building an online business (especially network marketing) and getting successful at it you’re going to need to undergo some personal growth.

So what do I mean by personal grow? Well, one of the things that you’ll notice about building a network marketing business is that you’re going to be challenged to get out of you personal comfort zone.

For example, network marketing is built on relationships within your organization. This means you have to push past any “shyness” you may have and work on establishing new relationships. You see, network marketing is a “people centered” business and therefore requires some effort in building and maintaining healthy business centered relationships.

If you’re a shy person this will prove to be challenge for you but it will be well worth it because your business will be better for it. There was time when I was so shy that I thought building a network marketing business would be impossible for me, but here I am posting to my blog, training my team, and even uploading the occasional YouTube video!

You see, I new I had to push past my shyness and grow into being a leader so I made a quality decision to grow no matter what. I’m now reaping the rewards of that decision with a thriving network marketing business. Yes it can be a little daunting at first, however, it will not be impossible for you to grow out of your shyness.

You’ll also need to grow in “marketing” knowledge because marketing is the guts of every online business. Without marketing your business will be dead in the water. Growing in marketing knowledge is a must for achieving network marketing success. Therefore, it will pay you to get busy learning all you can.

Because the Internet is dynamic, what works in marketing today might not work 6 months down the road. Therefore, it’s imperative that you become and remain an Internet marketing student.

So then, personal growth is imperative to achieve network marketing success. Be diligent to grow, you can do it!

Paul Beamon

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